Who are We?

Spanish Traveling is a school that teaches Spanish as a foreign language. We are certified by the Ministry of Education and other local and international organizations, and our approach is "Excellency in interactive teaching", which defines us clearly. Our main program is Spanish traveling (or enjoying your Spanish lessons while traveling to the main touristic spots in Guatemala). This guarantees the best learning and full knowledge of Guatemalan culture, as well as safe traveling and shopping in all the touristic spots!

This program is pioneer because it integrates learning the language and the culture one-on-one, so that you and your teacher develop trust in each other. That way you combine learning, application and fun while you are in our country. So why not learn a language in an enjoyable way instead of the traditional classroom? We invite you to venture!

Spanish traveling was created with the vision to turn a close space in language learning into an open and innovative one, offering more real-life experiences for the student. Spanish Traveling intends to facilitate application, integration and comprehension of Spanish language and Guatemalan culture. Also, we strive to offer the best opportunities and experiences that favor our customers with efficiency and quality, no matter their age, occupation or origin.

We offer a series of programs that satisfy our customers' needs. Some of the programs are: one-on-one Spanish in our school (commonly known as traditional method), Spanish for volunteers, and Spanish at home.

These programs are aimed towards students with different majors, such as business, international relations, medicine, ecology and sustainable development, literature, and others. We count with available staff for each program.

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