Our Programs

Spanish Traveling

Spanish Traveling consists of making you enjoy Spanish lessons while traveling with your teacher to the main touristic places in Guatemala, guaranteeing you the best language learning and culture knowledge, as well as safety during the journey and shopping in the different places you visit. In this program you can choose the following destinies: 1. Antigua Guatemala 2. Lake Atitlán and surrounding towns: Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango 3. Río Dulce – Livingston.

Our schedules are fixed, but we can be flexible to adjust to your time and your particular touristic interests during the week. The destinations can be private or semi private (using tourist buses or public transport). You don't need to form a group to travel with us.

For this program we suggest you begin the travel to your chosen touristic place on Monday morning and return to Antigua on Friday evening. The traveling week includes hotel accommodation (price included in the total fee), and all the transport needed, plus 20 hours of grammar and many hours with a teacher's company, who will guide you in your shopping and other activities. This program does not include meals. Any place you visit you will find plenty of options of national or international restaurants with accessible prices, from US$5.00.

We recommend you wear comfortable shoes, light clothing, a small backpack and the desire for adventure. Depending on the time of year that you decide to visit us, we will inform you on the local weather conditions so that you can be prepared with more specific items.

Traditional Spanish

This program is interactive and intensive. Lessons are received in our school. Practicing for 4 hours daily or more, depending on your interests. You can use teaching materials, textbooks, documentaries and Wi-Fi internet connection. Coffee breaks include coffee and Guatemalan bakery. Our school is only 2 blocks away from the central plaza, from where you can access all the services provided by this magnificent colonial city. To complement the lessons, we have programmed several activities, like sightseeing, visits to museums, churches, convents and coffee plantations.

Spanish for those who help (volunteers)

This program starts with a week of survival Spanish for the student to be able to deal with his or her tasks easily, understanding children or people they will work with in Non Government Organizations.

Lessons are intensive and interactive, guaranteeing your immediate communication or comprehension of Spanish. Its specialty is that you pay a lower fee: We help those who help! If you know one or two people that want to study Spanish at the same time, you can form a group and study with us and the fee can still be low! Schedules are according to your interests.

The requirement for applying students is a letter from the NGO where it is stated that you are a volunteer with them. That will guarantee your discount.

Spanish from home

Our school is affiliated with LinguaMeeting, a company that operates from Houston TX and is specialized in online Spanish lessons. Together, we offer the perfect combination of study and convenience. Learn Spanish from home in flexible and convenient schedules. Increase your knowledge of the language while you drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and have an authentic conversation with your tutor from Guatemala! We have the best virtual lessons ready for you. You can see and listen to your tutor, practice writing on the board, share your desk to show images and documents, receive homework via email… or if you study with a group and forget your appointment, your tutor will record the lesson and email it to you.

Lessons are given by excellent Guatemalan native teachers. The perfect solution before your visit to Guatemala and an easy way to practice Spanish! 


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